Dieting Doesn’t Work – Here are Two Plans that Do

In my companion article, I discussed the importance of healthy eating and an effective exercise program to lose fat and get fit. I also noted how hard it is to find good information and a support system to get you on the path to success. So, I went looking for some programs that offered good advice, clear guidelines, a support/feedback system, and online availability. I’ve come up with two that fit the bill. They have a focus on fat loss and fitness through sound nutritional guidelines and safe, effective exercise programs. These are programs that work, and the customer feedback and reviews for them are excellent.

Both systems offer extensive, detailed e-books (downloadable documents) plus supporting materials on their websites, in newsletters, etc. The information and guidance is sound and they are reasonably priced at just under $40. Both have a 60 day money-back guarantee from a very reputable payment processor, so you really can’t lose anything but your fat!

With these programs, you won’t get a supply of magic pills, overpriced drinks, power bars or even the latest fad diet. Instead, you’ll get what really works, based on a solid foundation of fact-based guidance for healthy eating that you can follow and enjoy for the rest of your life. You don’t need fancy supplements, but you may be surprised at what you don’t know about your food, and how to optimize your choices for long-term health and fitness. Of course, you’ll get some sample recipes to trigger your imagination and to show you how eating real food can be easy and delicious. Some people are disappointed that they won’t be told exactly how many grams of which molecules they should eat (like the diet hucksters do). But the point is that such tedious calculations and restrictions are unnecessary.

Both programs also very good in the critical area of teaching effective exercise. They focus on shorter, variable routines, designed to be as efficient as possible – that is, to safely get the most benefit from the minimum amount of time. No, you won’t be munching magic pills and watching TV while you dream of losing weight and getting strong, but you won’t be spending your life in a gym with these plans, either. You’ll learn why long, boring aerobic exercises are unnecessary, and how to use short, effective routines instead to build lean muscle and crank up your metabolism to burn fat.

And the Winners Are…

Fat Burning Furnace and Truth About Six Pack Abs

Both offer solid information, detailed instructions, and sound advice with lots of motivational material to get you on the road to a new, healthier chapter in your life. Both have quite a bit of free information on their websites that will help give you a feel for the content and their approaches.

Fat Burning Furnace

Of the two, Fat Burning Furnace is my preferred choice. This is mostly because the material, by author Rob Poulos, is a little more accessible, and the writing style of his 158 page guide is a bit more down to earth. The program comes with “email coaching” for several months, which is essentially a series of newsletters. I believe the ongoing tips and encouragement go a long way toward keeping you motivated and excited about your program. You also get some planning/tracking forms which you can print, and some tools, including a basic body-fat-percentage analyzer.

Ron covers nutrition by discussing foods to maximize fat loss, and offers a simple way to watch what you eat and while getting nutritionally sound meals. He explains why he doesn’t recommend fad diets, and takes you through a lot of common misconceptions about nutrition. You get a sample meal plan for a day and he points you to a website with lots of free recipes you can use.

For exercise, the focus is on short resistance training workouts, and Ron explains why the typical approach to cardiovascular routines doesn’t help much. Suggested workouts can be completed in as little as 20 – 25 minutes a day, 3 times a week (2 times a week as you progress). Some basic weight equipment or access to a gym is ideal, but many exercises can be done using your own body weight for resistance. Specific exercises are combined to create a full body workout. The exercises are performed very slowly to maximize their impact. With this system, you only need to do one set of each exercise, contrary to the common three-set approach. Over the years, my experience and research has led me to a similar approach with fewer repetitions and fewer workouts per week. It may not be the only way that works, but it works!

Exercises are described in detail in the guide, and are supplemented with photos. There’s an upgrade to a more advanced option that includes videos. Importantly, the guide also has a ‘break in’ routine for people who haven’t exercised in years, along with beginner, intermediate and advanced workout plans.

For more info check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, or download an introductory e-book.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Truth About Six Pack Abs is also an excellent program. Author Mike Geary is an long-time fitness trainer, and his approach is in some ways more technical and in-depth, with more variety in the fitness/exercise area. But that’s a double edged sword, as some people struggle with the level of detail. Of course, others love it, and if you enjoy my long-winded blog posts, you might be one of them! A good way to get a feel for the program – and get some great info in the progress, is to download his Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body ebook. Even this free “introductory” book packs a wallop at 63 pages.

The “Six-Pack” name is a bit of a marketing ploy, as so many people are (rightfully) concerned about abdominal fat. But Mike makes it clear that the way to deal with abdominal fat is through a comprehensive program of healthy eating and suitable full-body exercise, rather than millions of sit-ups.

The program also has a nice membership support site, which lets users interact with trainers and other members for tips and motivation.

The exercise routines vary somewhat from the other program, although both focus on resistance training and building lean muscle, rather than long, boring aerobic routines. Mike’s background a  trainer really shines through and he offers a great variety in approaches to exercise, while staying true to his fundamental principles. I find myself internally shouting “Yes!” as he tackles myth after fitness myth. Don’t worry, ladies – neither of these programs is going to make you bulk up like Arnie the Governator. You’ll just be replacing bulky fat with lean, trim muscle.

The two programs also have a similar approach to nutrition, and again, Mike’s explanations tend to be a little more analytical and detailed. You’ll do well in either case, as you’ll learn about healthy eating patterns and good food choices, while picking up some surprising nuggets that go against “common knowledge.”

The biggest complaint I’ve come across about this program is information overload. It delivers a lot, and some people get bogged down with it all. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and become distracted from actually getting started! Fat Burning Furnace just seems easier to wrap your head around. On the other hand, if you’re inspired by extra detail, lots of variety and a little more technical approach, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the one for you.

For more about this program, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or just go to the Home Page and click the Free Report tab to get the author’s free newsletter and a few bonuses.

Whichever you chose, pick a plan that appeals to you, read through the material, and most importantly, get started! Typing on your keyboard or lifting a low-fat latte to your lips just doesn’t count as a workout or a nutritional breakthrough!